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Portable pump will not work, where do I start?

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  • Portable pump will not work, where do I start?

    Confirm you have power. If do have power and the motor turns but no pressure see Rule 1.
    If you do not get the motor to turn, confirm power to the pump and change the pump and motor complete or maybe just the motor without the head. The problem with just changing the motor is you do not know if the head seized and burned up the motor.
    Rule 1
    always clean all the filters on the machine and on the wands, prime the pump with the vacuum motors and retest.
    If you need instruction on how to prime your pump, use this forums search and search "prime" to see how.
    Rule 2 Fix regulator first.
    See video at

    If this is not the pressure regulator you are using, please visit
    Pumptec Plastic 200 psi Pressure Regulator C322A, 70015, Pumptec Repair Kits & Parts, Pumptec, Pumps Water Pumps , Parts & Accessories, by Pumptec,  Pressure regulator  Plastic series 9015 part number 70015 1 4 M X 3 8 barbed 0- 200 p...

    and purchase a new one.
    Still have a problem see
    Rule 3
    Either rebuild the water pump head or replace the head on the water pump.
    I would need all the number that are stamped on the pump to help with this part.
    Usually rebuilding the pump will cost about $100 and replacing the head is about $200
    But this is just a guess without knowing the pump that was used on that day your machine was built.
    Some pump heads are not worth fixing. Look on our website for 60024 and 60028 (these are too cheap to fix, just change them for new)
    Still have a problem, see
    Rule 4
    change the motor or the entire pump and motor assembly.

    Other issues that make people think they have a pump issue and they do not:
    1. heat exchanger is clogged. Consider descaling heating system.
    2. Dirty filters, screens, or spray jets. Please take apart, rinse, and use and air compressor to clean screens. Please do not poke needles or other objects to clean parts. This poking usually ruines what ever you are trying to save.
    3. Quick disconnect malfuction. In the last 30 years of servicesing machines I have only seen this a few times but I have seen it. Try testing with other wands, other hoses, and see what happens.
    4. Clogged internal pressure hoses. Agian this does not happen too often except on low usage machines. Hoses are usually crimpt with steel fittings and if you do not use and descale the machine reguallry, these will rust up. This rust will make the hole in the center of the hose end really small. In some cases you can place a hose in the shop vise and drill out the rust. Follow buy compressed air and rinsing.

    Always Prime the pump if you allow any air back into the closed system.
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    New water pump for carpet cleaner will not prime

    Question: I purchase a new pump from Steam Brite for a carpet extractor put in pump but no water.
    Tried to prime to get air out but nothing.
    The pump runs but no water. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Answer; Please watch the youtube video on how to vacuum prime the pump.
    Just go to youtube and search steambrite vacuum prime.

    Please note it is not OK to let a pump run dry so you have to vacuum prime the pump right away after installation.
    Continued dry running of the pump will ruin the pump.
    Please also inspect any inbound filters to make sure they are not dirty or leaking air
    In some cases you pressure regulator needs to be rebuilt too.

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