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Will a pressure washer pump suck from a tank?

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  • Will a pressure washer pump suck from a tank?

    Question: To run a powerwasher off a couple of plastic 55 barrels of self contained water, I think I would need a pump to feed the powerwasher, as the powerwasher doesn't have suction on the draw side (or am I wrong?). Do you have something that would work and what are the amps or watts required?

    Answer: Most pressure washers will suck out of the tank and still work fine. The longer the suction hose, the shorter the pump seals life. You can also use a 12 volt transfer pump to push the water from the fresh water tanks to your pressure washing pumps. You want to make sure that the water transfer pump is rated for more gallons per min (GPM) flow than your pressure washer.

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    Well in my opinion your pressure washer will just work fine. In case you face any issues then you can go for a CAT pump or a similar. But I do agree that these CAT pumps can be a costly transaction.

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