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DDP 115VAC wiring

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  • DDP 115VAC wiring

    I have a 220 psi aquatec pump with pressure switch. Needs to be wired to the standard male plug and I don't know which wire goes where. The ground wire I get, but what about the other two?

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    pump installation

    If the pump is 115 volts, then you should have a green (ground) wire, black wire is the switched wire. The black wire is the wire that is controlled by the machine switch and the pressure switch on the pump. The white wire is the common wire.

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      The problem is the pump has two Black leads and one green.
      Which of the two leads on the pressure switch is live and which neutral in this case?
      I assume tho one on the upper tip of the pressure switch to be the live and the lower one neutral.
      Why can`t these be colour coded?


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        carpet cleaning pump connection

        Usually one black lead goes to the motor direct, one lead feeds the switch. The remaining wire is (usually white or red) is the common that is hooked to the other side of the electricity.
        The green wire is ground and is also a common.

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        Please check the name plate on the pump and make sure the voltage is correct.


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          If you look at the 170 psi Aquatec pump in the link there are 3 wires.
          A green and yellow, no problem there and 2 identical black wires.
          One wire is at the top of the switch and one the bottom.
          I guess that the top one is live but prefer not to guess.
          My question is which of these 2 identical wires is the live and which the neutral.
          My pump is 230v not that that has any bearing on why the wires aren`t colour coded.


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            I agree with Donal usually the two like colored wires are meant for switch and motor. And the other one in general is the neutral one. By the way I was trying to search for a video link for it for better explanation but was not able to get it.

            Leak Detection


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              230 volt aquatec 200 psi pumps

              I just opened a 230 volt pump to look at it and the green/yellow wire is the ground/common wire. The two black wires are the hot wires.


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                Originally posted by Donald
                I just opened a 230 volt pump to look at it and the green/yellow wire is the ground/common wire. The two black wires are the hot wires.
                Is what you`re saying that as the two black wires are live they can be attached to either the live or neutral on the machine?


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                  pump wiring

                  Please confirm that you are getting 220 to 240 volts with a multimeter with the two wires you want to hook up. If you are, then use these wires. Their is no clear answer here because some times 230 volt wiring is achieved between two hot legs running across to each other and other times it is single hot wire to neutral. You need to test it first.

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                    Yes I do have 2 live wires and an earth.
                    I am asking which one of the 2 black wires is live and which is neutral.
                    I received the pump yesterday.
                    One wire comes from the switch end and the very tip of the switch the other is from the back end or base of the pump motor they are both black.
                    The third wire is earth.
                    Shurflo and Flojet both have colour coded wires. I would hazard a guess that the one on the switch should be live or does it not matter at all?