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  • Pressure pump question

    Hi Just trying to get few questioned answered in relation to pressure pump used in carpet cleaning .

    1) what is the main choice of pump, Diaphragm or piston based for carpet cleaning? and why please ?
    2) What sort of gpm is required for carpet cleaning ?
    3) What is the recommended psi setting for a 30meter length pressure hose?
    4) If a pump spec. details state that its flow rate is 11 lpm at 2000 psi is there a rate flow calculation method when the pressure is regulated to say 250 psi or 500psi.
    Thanking you in advance

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    Any one ? some one ?


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      Carpet cleaning pumps

      There are a huge amount of pumps used in carpet cleaning but the most common is
      the same pump is available in 230 volts

      There are some different motors out there but this one has the best track record.
      You can turn it down to lower pressure for upholstery cleaning but usually cleaners that use this pump on upholstery cleaning use a high flow upholstery tool that controls water consumption and cleans bi-directionally.
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        Thanks for the reply but I must explain myself a bit more better I am after a gas driven pump some think like this
        most important concern is when the pump is set to say 300 psi what sort of flow rate is at the wand ? Is there a rough calculation method cos some pump have higher flow rate and some lower , so i dont want to purchase a 2.1 gpm pump and find that when i regulate the pressure to 300 psi i am getting less that .50 of a gallon per min on and unsatisfactory flow carpet cleaning , if it makes sense


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          Cat 3cp water pump

          The Cat Pumps: 3CP1120.3 you mention is a 4.2 gpm pump for pressures up to 2200 psi. The average carpet cleaning wand is only going to use a gallon per minute flow rate, so the above pump will work fine. The only time the above pump or any pump would loose pressure is if if the jet flow rate exceeds the pump flow rate, then the pump will loose pressure.


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            Well I would advice you to go for Pumptec pumps.

            Leak Detection