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Restoration Equipment


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Air Movers
When determining your air mover needs, remember that an air mover's purpose is "drying" which in application is "Rapid Evaporation". A very wet surface has many factors that promote trying, and the more these factors get used simultaneously, the more quickly evaporation can occur. Axial Fans work to bring warm air from the ceiling down, (as warm air promotes drying better) while standard "Centrifugal" (Snail Shell) Fans aim for high CFM (as air flow greatly influences evaporation rates)
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Air Scrubbers
Moving high air "volume" (different from air "pressure") through a HEPA (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) filter pulls airborne debris and contaminates out of the air. (Determining the cubic footage of the area to be filtered, and dividing that by the cfm of your air scrubber, will tell you how many minutes it will take for your machine to complete one full air exchange of that area.)
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Restoration equipment designed to pull ambient moisture out of the air, (once evaporated, see Air Movers) and route that moisture out of the area. A dehumidifier's efficiency is based on the environment it sits in; it will perform best in high humidity/high temperature areas. As you approach the freezing point of water, the air loses it's ability to hold moisture, and efficiency drops to zero. A Condensate Pump will allow stored water to be pumped vertically (rather than just gravity alone), and a Humidistat would allow the user to activate/deactivate to preference (for times when a specific humidity level needs to be maintained).
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Flood Pumper
Flood pumpers are suction machines designed for the quick removal, and transportation of standing water. Portable extractor versions utilize a sump pump within the waste tank, which becomes activated by the rising water level. For truckmounts, this commonly is not a separate machine, but rather a feature either built-in, or excluded from the machine's assembly. (See: Clutched pump / Exhaust Diverters)
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Foggers come in two main varieties, based on which product you intend to fog with. If the product is of a solvent base, then you would need to heat it to make the fog, and as such you would need a Thermal Fogger. If the product is water based, then it can be made into water droplets, and instead you would want a ULV-Fogger (Ultra Low Volume).
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Ozone Generators and UV emitters
Ozone is generated by passing an electric current over a media, and causing a free floating O (Oxygen) molecule to temporarily fuse to another free floating O2 (Di-Oxygen) molecule, and producing O3 (Tri-Oxygen, aka Ozone!) Care needs to be taken when applying the gas, as it is so powerful, it works on ALL organics (it is equally effective against cigarette odors, as it is against People, Plants, Pets, and ages Leather rapidly ) BUT! Ozone naturally turns back into its parts (Di, and regular Oxygen molecules) in about an hour, so there is minimal downtime. --- UV emitters however CAN be used in occupied areas, as they use Ultra Violet wavelengths of light to sanitize the air passed through the machine.
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