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PDF5 PDF6 VS 3500 Downdraft VS Drieaz F377

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  • PDF5 PDF6 VS 3500 Downdraft VS Drieaz F377

    Question: I wanted to know if the dri storm air mover would be the same as the fowr flite PDF5 and FDF6 whole room dryer
    AP160016 Axial Air Mover 16inch 1/4hp 115volt 1500rpm Luggage Handle Color Blue [3500 Downdraft]
    and if that air mover would also do the same kind of drying concept and style as the dri eaz f377 studebaker

    Answer: The Powrflite and DriStorm air movers are so similar that I expect the Chinese took the Powrflite unit to clone it or they are made in the same factory. The dolly system on the Dristorm is not as durable as the Powrflite and we have to add our own washers and screws to the handle to ensure the handle does not break off. Furthermore the Drieaz F377 is different than both these air movers. The air that comes out of the 3500 Downdraft blows straight down (like the PowrFlite unit), while the air on the f377 is a louvered front grill and blows out of the fan at a 45 degree angle. Air mover motor is also 100% stronger on the F377 and moves 100% more air.

    3500 downdraft



    Drieaz F377