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    QUESTION: Excuse me, do your products : Air Move fan (blower) have heating function ? I want to buy a few sets,But there must be heating function to just useing for our factory.

    ANSWER: Amp draw is in direct relation to how much heat is placed in the air during air movement. For example look at the Prochem Air Mover
    Notice that is consumes 7.5 amps at 115 volts while another fan like the Mytee 2200 is rated for 3.5 amps at 115 volts
    This means the Mytee air mover will heat up the room at half pace of the Prochem fan.
    Neither of these has heater installed but is just giving off heat because they are turned on.
    The other option is to use a heater that mates with an air movers. Look at the Tes heater at
    This is designed to roast a flooded home and usually cuts the dry time in half.
    These heaters work with dual 120 volt or a single 240 volt outlet.