Question: Can I purchase a negative air scrubber that is explosion proof rated?

So I have checked with Nikro, Abatement Tech, and Ermatorusa that all manufacture negative air scrubber Hepa machines.

Nobody is willing to change out the motor and switch to explosion proof.

The other issue is then the unit, because of changes will not have any UL listing for safety.

I am under the impression that anything can be build, taken apart and rebuilt.

This would require a lot of testing. For example, purchasing one of two machine and start the conversion process.

Once complete, still no way to test it.

Would require a legal document to be signed to allow the conversion.

Example; You would pay for our time materials but not the results.

This is like paying a surgeon for back surgery. If the surgery does not work, you still have to pay the doctor, hospital, and all the supplies.

Even picking the housing would be hard to do as do you pick plastic that attracts static electricity but is less conductive and then treat with anti-static spray or make is out of stainless steel?

A bunch of test would have to be performed on both types of housing to see which one works best. If I had to guess, I would pick plastic and then treat with anti static spray.

Anti static spray is a cationic (positive electrical charge) spray already designed to stick to most plastics/ carpet.

This is like an open ended project with no way to quote because you can never predict all the time and materials to complete.

I would start with

Gut it, treat it, rebuild it will explosion proof parts. Project cost $80 per hour, plus parts, plus all inbound and outbound shipping and packaging and insurance, legal documentation.
$5000 to $12000.