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Ductable dehumidifiers with low relaitate humidity

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  • Ductable dehumidifiers with low relaitate humidity

    Question: Hi Donald- I'm inquiring about a dehumidifier that can be used with a duct connected to a computer server cabinet. This cabinet is about 95% sealed and we wish to attain 20% RH within the cabinet. The cabinet is 6 ft tall, 3 ft deep, and ~2 feet wide. Please let me know what are options are and what models have an atuo-regulator..
    Thanks, Kathy

    Answer: The DriStorm Dehumidifier line that end in "H" in the part number mean they have a build in humidity controller. You can dial in how often you want the dehumidifier to turn on and off. Please note the fan runs all the time but the compressor will cycle on or off to dry the air. Example DriStorm 134H, 184H, 239H
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    The out bound air on all these models are 16% with an air temperature of about 100 degrees F so they will need to be placed in a room with some air conditioning. These units can turn on automatically any time the RH is above 25% in the room.

    If you want a dehumidifier to just run full time, you can purchase a unit without the humidity controller. Example DriStorm 134, 184, 239 models. This would blow the 16% RH air all the time. All the machine are ductable with 6" ducting

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