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refurbishing Ebac LD3000

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  • refurbishing Ebac LD3000

    Question: I am considering buying a EBAC LD3000 dehumidifying unit that was purchased about 15 years ago. It has never been used. There are also 2 fans, also never used. The control unit however is missing. Can I still purchase the same control box as original or will the new control units work on this unit. I would prefer the newer unit if it is compatible.
    Also, I am concerned about the refrigerant gas. Can it be replaced with the current legal type?
    I look forward to your prompt response.
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    Answer: You cannot take the freon out and replace it with the new style as the PSI rating is different for each gas.
    The new control unit can be made to work with your system.
    Currently you can recharge or refill the old system but that might not be the case very long...