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My new dehumidifier leaks!

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  • My new dehumidifier leaks!

    My new dehumidifier leaks!
    Dehumidifier with auto dump rarely actually leak. A couple of real causes are:
    1) If the entire unit was stored in a cold warehouse, you place a super cold housing in a 68 degree F humid job site, the entire housing, frame, internal components are all cold and reach past due point and drip onto the floor.
    2) You relocate the dehumidifier without purging the water pump.
    3) You tip the dehumidifier back on the 2 rear wheels too far and the water in the pump plashes out of the pump housing.
    4) The coils are very cold and when you turn the dehumidifier off, purge the water pump, the dehumidifier will continue to drip water in the pump housing for the next hour or so. This can fill the pump housing up and since the dehumidifier is turn off no pump purging takes place, it is easier to overflow and spill out during relocation.
    In summary each dehumidifier pump has two switches in it. The first switch to tell the dehumidifier to purge/pump the water out. The second, is to turn the dehumidifier off in the event the first switch fails. You want to make sure you always uncoil all the auto dump hose. You do not want to pump up hill too much. If you do, and the pump turns off, all the water in the hose and rush back into the purge pump.
    Optional dehumidifier trip trays can be used to ensure your jobs sites stay clean and dry.
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