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Dehumidifier ER9 Code issues

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  • Dehumidifier ER9 Code issues

    Question: I purchased a Drieaz PHD200 a couple years ago and did not use for an extended period of time. When using recently, the dehumidifier works but shuts off after 30 mins - 1 hr and gives ER9 error. I unplug and turn back on the unit and then it proceeds to drain properly. Sometimes, the drain function has to be activated multiple times in order to fully drain.
    Is there any solution to stopping the ER9 error so that unplugging is not necessary? I have taken out the pump and cleaned it and replaced with no fix. Would hanging the unit help assist the pump in draining?
    The drain hose in the unit creates a loop which also could be making the pump harder, but there doesn't appear to be a way to drain through the hole without creating the loop with the hose.
    Please advise.

    Answer: ER9 means: “Check for obstructions in drain hose. If clogged, remove hose from unit and blow hose
    out with compressed air. Inspect and clean the pump check valve and pump basin. See
    “Clean pump check valve and basin” p. 5”

    There at 2 switches on the inside of the auto dump pump. One tells the pump to turn on, the 2nd mounted a little higher tells the control panel to display the error code and turn off the dehumidifier. You will need to take the pump out of the dehumidifier and take it all apart and clean the pump basin, pump and switches. You will have to make sure you have no kinks in the discharge tubing and make sure you do not leave the tubing coiled up. The check valve is mounted to prevent any pumped water from traveling back into the pump once the pump turns off. Example if I had to pump uphill to a water fountain and my dehumidifier is on the floor. Gravity will want the water in the tubing to travel back to the dehumidifier once the pump turns off. A clean working check valve stops this. 95% off dehumidifier error codes are caused by dirty dehumidifiers.

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