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What does Dehumidifier LGR (Low Grains) Mean?

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  • What does Dehumidifier LGR (Low Grains) Mean?

    This is a new term and is not completely defined but basically means the outbound air is a lower relative humidity that standard dehumidifiers of the past.
    This is where the air that comes out of the coils is used to pre-cool the incoming air. This in turn make the air drier. This also increases the surface area of the colder surfaces. Drieaz uses coroplast glued together in alternating air flow directions. This way the air that just left the cold coils passes through the coroplast ( and pre-cools the air that is passing in the other direction. Download the Drieaz 2800i owners manual at

    Look at page 7. Please note the large plastic block. The block is lade on its side to air from the cold coils comes in from one side and new fresh outside air comes in from the top. The two airs do not mix.

    The other way is heat pipe technology. This is where you take a two coils filled with freon, link them together and place each of the two coils on each side of the refrigerated coils. This way the cold air chills the back side and then through some type of convection, this transfers the cold to the front coils to pre-cool the air. I do not know if they use check valve in the two coil sets but some how the freon stays in a self propelled motion. More than likely the freon travels from the top to the bottom of the back side coils and then on the front side they have it travel from the bottom up. This way warm air is coming in the front and this causes the freon to travel up the coils and then on the back side the air is cold and it is make the freon travel from top to bottom. Make sense?