Is the Drieaz F203 Drizair 1200 a LGR unit?
"LGR" mean Low Grain Refrigerant. This means that the outboud air (dried air) is 16% RH (relative humidity) or less. The F203 and F203-A have an outbound air rating of 24% -so no this is not an LGR unit.

What is a LGR 1200 Dehumidifier?
This is a marketing ploy by some dealers to make you think that their F203 and F203-A dehumdiifer is somehow better than the others ones listed on line. They are what they are.

Is Drieaz going to re-tool and re-design a compact lower priced LGR?
Yes, this is on the drawing board for mid to late 2011. I do not know what the part number is going to be.
You can always check our "new Items" listing to see what we added to the website today at

What is the difference between F203 and F203-A
The F203 units refer to units built before 2010. All new units in production and what is currently being sold by all dealers are F203-A. The "A" refers to a newer styler, higher psi compressor with a more environmentally friendly freon.

How are the Drieaz F203 shipped?
We have designed special double walled boxes to place over and around the Drieaz standard box. The standard box has quite of bit of Styrofoam inside the box to protect the unit. It you order a single unit or want the dehumidifiers shipped to a home (non commercial and no forklift on site) we double box these and ship by FedEx or UPS ground (signature required). If you are ordering multiple units, then we will place on a pallet and ship to a commercial address where their is a forklift. If no forklift is available we will hold at the nearest trucking company dock for you to pick up at that local dock. You can also pay extra shipping charges to ship with a lift-gate if no forklift is on site. You can also pay for home delivery too. Home delivery and lift-gate service is expensive and not recommended. Regardless how it is shipped, please do not sign the equipment received in perfect condition when it is all beat to hell by the shipping company. This will make it impossible to have the unit repaired or replaced. If the box is damage, please open the box and inspect the unit for damage. In most cases the box is beat up and the equipment is fine. These are super well built and packaged aggressively. Please note any damage on the shipping invoice.

The F203 is located at
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