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Dehumidifiers in 230 volts

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  • Dehumidifiers in 230 volts

    QUESTION: Dear Sir/Madam
    We are currently sourcing a supplier of restoration equipment.
    Our company is based in Auckland, New Zealand.
    In the past we have sourced from a variety of overseas suppliers but now wish to focus more on one supplier for better rates and shipping.
    I have noted you can supply an equivalent to the Drieaz 1200  the Shazzam Dri-Storm 134
    I would be interested in comprising an initial order for 230v equipment
    10 x Dri storm 134 or Drieaz 1200
    Please advise if you can supply and ship to New Zealand
    Given you are able to do this we have a list over other equipment we would add to the order from your website.
    You can contact me directly or by e-mail.
    Look forward to your reply
    Warm regards

    ANSWER: Drieaz will no longer sell us 230 volt equipment inside the USA. To see what models are available in 230 volts please visit
    Dristorm units are available in 230 volts.
    The Dristorm is not equivalent to the Drieaz 1200. Rather it is equivalent to the Evolution in out bound air and moisture removal. The out bound air on the Drieaz 1200 is 24% RH (non LGR) and the out bound air on the Evolution and the Dristorm line are 16% RH (LGR) The DriStorm 184 and 184H actually pull out more water than the Drieaz Evolution and we are currently working on a DriStorm 239 model. This new design will be built in the same smaller housing but make new strides on maximum water removal in a small easy to transport housing.
    We currently have Thermastor Dehumidfiers available in 230 volts

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    Drieaz 2800i in 230 volts

    Kindly requested Provide us Your best Price And Delivery For :
    Dehumidifier Model LGR 2800i – Drieaz F410 ( 6 each )
    Note: the Payment terms will be 100 % upon delivery through wire transfer.
    Best Regards,...

    Answer: Thanks for the email but I need the complete ship to information to quote the shipment. I can tell that since your email ends in "" you might be in Egypt. Please note these dehumidifiers are currently only available from us in 115 volts
    You can check your voltage requirements at
    If Dri-Eaz Drizair makes a 220 volt dehumidifier available to us, we will be sure to let you know right away.
    If you need 220 volts you will need to consider the DriStorm 134-230v LGR Dehumidifier