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Electrical Converters for Water Damage Restoration

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  • Electrical Converters for Water Damage Restoration

    Question: Hello I was given your email they said your the one who knows about these
    I have 3 pronged version 30amp
    I was wanting to purchase adapter so I could use mine in 4 pronged ranges/dryers than I realized that there is 50amp 4 prong to 30amp 3 prong as well as 30amp 4 prong to 30amp 3 prong also 50amp 3 prong to 30 amp 3 prong
    Would I still need 4p mytee or 30amp 4P
    To 3P adapter for 4P dryer outlets
    Also would it be bad if I plugged mytee 3P
    In 50amp 3P?
    Boy this is confusing for floor guy!

    Answer: Their are four main different types of electric converter heads. Three prong 30 amp, three prong 50 amp, four prong 30 amp, and four prong 50 amp. The electrician that installs the outlet is supposed to use the "L" prong on 30 amp, and the "I" (or straight prong) for 50 amp receptacles. We where the first company to make electrical converters back more than 30 years ago. In fact Mytee Products purchase our converter from us to design theirs. Basically you only need to purchase a 30 amp 3 prong converter. This is Mytee part number 5003. All the other converters are converters for the 5003 converters. For example if you have a 4 prong 30 amp receptacles , then you use a 4 prong 30 amp head to a 3 prong 30 amp reseptical converter, and then plug the 5003 converters into this converter. Like in series. A converter for a converter. You do the same thing for each of the different heads.
    Look at the bottom photos at:
    These are the missing three

    More converters are located at

    Please note just because it plugs in does not mean it is OK to use! Please test the voltage on all converters! A meter for is is located at

    In water damage restoration, always use the electrical converters to the oven or stove and run the dehumidifiers off them. Leave the wall outlets for the air movers.