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control 30% rh in a space

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  • control 30% rh in a space

    Question: Dear info@steam rite, We would like to control humidity in the room 4X4X4 mrters from 70-80%RH down to 30-40% RH with temperature 23-25 degree celcius. Please explain about the efficiency of DriStorm 134 LGR Industrial Dehumidifier 230 volt (international use) Dry Storm [DriStorm134-230v]
    (Water Removal (30C-86F @ 80%RH)
    134 Pints / 63Lper day
    It don't mention the capacity to control the dehumidity @ 30%RH. So I have no idea what degree of RH it can make. What does it mean Water Removal (30C-86F @ 80%RH) ?

    Answer: Water removal is relitative to how much water is in the air. The more water in the air and the easier it is for water to be removed. This is why you will notice that the DriStorm 134 dehumidifier will remove 63 liters or 134 pints in 24 hours if you place it in a room that maintains 30 C (86 degree F) @ 80% relitive humidity. The air that comes out of the dehumidifier is 16% RH so yes it will be able to achieve 30% as long as the humidity that is being allowed into the room is less than what is being taken out. If no additional humidity is allowed to enter the smace the dehumidifier would eventually achieve 16% RH in the space. Dehumidifiers like operating in the 25 degree c or 77 degree F range but at the same time the air that is comming out of the dehumidifer is warm and it about 100 degrees F or 38 degree C so we would recomment some type of air conditioning to be used if it is important to keep the room at 25 C.
    -Shazaam DriStorm 134 LGR Industrial Dehumidifier 230 volt international use - Dry Storm, DriStorm134-230v, Dehumidifier, Equipment Restoration, by Shazaam, LGR Industrial Dehumidifier DriStorm 134-230v Perfect as a basement dehumidifier, pool dehumidi...