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Goliath 5 gallon bucket test

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  • Goliath 5 gallon bucket test

    From Customer: Here is the video uploaded faster than I expected. I do want to note the 1 1/2in I used here sucks the ribs inside are not aerodynamic and I believe it is restricting my air but still impressive for a 2 corded machine. I ordered a 15ft whip with better air flow.
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    Thought you might get a kick out of this.


    SteamBrite: Thanks for the email! Here is some math you might find interesting.
    1 Gallon [Fluid, US] = 231 Cubic Inches
    Volume of a cylinder or inside of the vacuum hose 3.14 X Radius X Radius X Length or Height
    100 ft of 2" vacuum hose = 3,768 cubic inches
    15 ft 1-1/2" vacuum hose = 317.93 cubic inches
    If you use both = 4,085 cubic inches (100 ft of 2" + 15 ft leader)
    5 gallon bucket = 1155 cubic inches
    1155 divided by 4085 = X divided by 100
    X = 28.27
    This means that a 5 gallon bucket of water only is occupying 28.27% of your vacuum hose.
    I doubt that by the time the bucket is empty the water is even made it to the machine waste tank.

    You are not filling up the hose much less determining the capabilities of the extractor.
    In a water damage environment you have to be able to clear the hose, and clear the waste tank, and pump the water back out of the pump out hose.
    A proper test would involve at least 30 gallons.
    5 gallons flood pumper test means nothing because all you did was put the water in the hose.
    Donald Cook Supply
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