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Wattage usage on Goliath pressure washer vacuum recovery system

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  • Wattage usage on Goliath pressure washer vacuum recovery system

    Question: How many watts would you need to power the Goliath flood pumper/ vacuum? Have you used this vacuum with a surface cleaner I saw you sell Hydroteks surface cleaner. My pump puts out 5gpm. Do you loose a lot of CFM when using 200ft of hose?

    Answer: The vacuum on the Goliath takes 30 amp at 120 volt or 3600 watts divided up on two power cords.
    The auto pump out system takes another 3.5 amp @ 120 volt or 420 watts but only runs for a few seconds to drain the tank and is on one power cord
    So at the moment the auto pump out kits in, one cord is 1800 watts and the second is 2220 watts.

    We have used these with surface cleaners and this vacuum is 400% stronger than the single 2 stage vacuum motors that Hydrotek uses on their vacuum recovery units. The vacuum is impressive with over 42,500 vacuum units makes it the first electric machine to out perform gasoline positive displacement 33 or 3003 vacuum blower. The cfm does drop as you go out farther but this machine performs quite nicely at 200 ft.