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Flood pumper Extractor with 500 psi water pressure too

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  • Flood pumper Extractor with 500 psi water pressure too

    The product detail says 500psi pump is "optional." What pump comes standard with the machine? What is the price WITH the auto pump out and 500psi pump and heater?. Does the auto pump out work while the machine runs and continues to extract?

    Answer: A flood pumper usually does not have a water pressure pump installed under the hood but carpet cleaning machines that have 500 psi can be auto dump.
    The issue with auto dump is the term 'automatic waste water dump" does not always mean it can keep up with water damage. Many auto dump machines will discharge through a garden hose (including the unit above). These garden hoses limit the amount of volume that you can pump through it. If you run an experiment with an empty 5 gallon pail and take your garden hose and see how long it takes you to fill a 5 gallon pail you will find out about a fill 60 seconds. When you suck water out of flooded carpeting you can extract water up to 30 gallons per minute. This means you would have to have a machine ported with a larger 1-1/2" discharge.
    Example the Goliath 500psi machine
    The auto pump out ports/hoses and pumps are both larger.

    The smaller auto dump machines will definitely cost less.
    Example look at the Clean Storm 12-3500-AFAD
    Discharges through a garden hose so will be limited to about 5 gallon per minute real time discharge