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Using 2 Goliath Extractors side by side on a generator

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  • Using 2 Goliath Extractors side by side on a generator

    Question: Thank you very much for your information and knowledge, I knew most of the cfm increase in parallel and air series info, but it is nice to see it in more detail, very interesting.
    One more thing, if I bought 2 Goliath systems with 4 vac motors and then I had a 2" hose going from each machine,
    then put a Y say at 100' to make one 2" hose from the door to do my job, would this be the same as the 4 to the door concept?
    Secondly would both machines recover water or would only on recover water?
    I like this set up if functional due to the 500 cfm and the 170" lift plus it will be able to be used on the 59 amp generator for $800

    Answer: Dual Goliaths "Y"ed off would be like 4 to the door system and both would recover water equally.{44}309{53}356{60 }418{43}294{21}210{23}274{59}414{15}161{11}394{51} 344{26}224{22}218{25}219
    The BE9000e 15 hp is such a generator
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    and this would max this generator out. We could also custom make a Goliath for you with quad 6.6 vacuum motors in a series pair configuration in the 26 gallon body style for $2999.99 and would achieve almost same results.
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    Dual 6.6 Inch Vacuum Ametek Air Series Motors pull 215" Lift X 170 cfm = 36,550 vacuum units
    X 2 pair = 340 cfm or 73,100 vacuum units. This would all run a little easier on the BE9000, with a smaller foot print. You could still run half the machine if an electric drier plug or generator was not available. Because of the vacuum stack check valve you could even run one, two, three or all four vacuum motors in a limited electrical environment. This would be a 4 cored portable with each power cord running on 15 amps.