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Mytee 7000DX as a tile cleaning machine?

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  • Mytee 7000DX as a tile cleaning machine?

    On the Mytee 7000dx flood pumper,
    Is it designed to pump out hot water so you can use it for tile grout and indoor steam cleaning jobs?
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    Answer: Yes, it can suck up, filter, and pump out water that is picked up on both hot and cold pressure washers.
    The only water pump inside the Mytee 7000DX is an automatic dump pump to push the dirty water out of the vacuum tank.
    It does not have a pressure washing pump under the hood.
    You will have to use an external pressure washer along with the Mytee 7000DX.
    It does not mater if you use electric or gasoline, hot or cold pressure washer side by side with this vacuum recovery flood pumper.