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mating the right flood pumper to my Mosmatic surface cleaner and 8.5 gpm

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  • mating the right flood pumper to my Mosmatic surface cleaner and 8.5 gpm

    Question: Hi - I have a Mosmatic 21" surface cleaner that is running two 2505 nozzles at 3000 psi (so about 8.5 gpm).
    What size vacuum do I need for water recovery? Mosmatic told me 200 cfm, but that didn't seem to be enough. I tried a cheap Rigid shop vac (230 cfm, and 50" water lift), and it collects only about 1/3 of the water.
    What do you recommend? I need something portable and electric (not a truck mount). Thank you!

    Answer: It is a combination of both inches of lift and cfm that pick up water and carry it down the hose. This is referred to as vacuum units. Vacuum units formula is max inches of lift X (times) Max CFM (cubic feet per minute).
    These number are actually taken at different times. In other words the formula is Max inches of lift at zero CFM X (times) Max CFM @ zero inches of lift.
    Your Rigid was 230" X 50 cfm =11,500 vacuum units. This is super low performance. Here are is list of a few more located at
    Please visit
    Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. You will see a list of 40 more vacuum units with auto pump out. We actually sell more than that but have to updated the page with all the options yet.
    When customer ask for "what do you recommend," there is no perfect answer is not matter what you pick, their is always a better option. I will tell you about some the most popular options:
    #1 the page we are talking about is perfect if you want to add filters to recycle the water an push back to your fresh water tank.
    #2 the most popular/ best selling is the Goliath Quad 6.6 (available with wheels or trailer mount models) At over 73,000 vacuum units has the power of 6+ of your Rigid units and allows customers to move indoors to start offering tile and grout cleaning as well as carpet cleaning services with our optional dual unloader upgrade.
    #3 Goliath Quad 2 stage 30 amp vacuum with 42,500 vacuum units.
    #4 Mytee 7000s Series offers great performance at a great price.
    Naturally the more vacuum you want and the longer hoses you want to use, the more electricity you will need to make it to run the larger systems.
    The #2 option is popular as any 420cc generator will power it.
    Units like option 3 and 4 will run on any 389cc generator.