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Compare Dual 6.6 Goliath VS Quad 6.6 Goliaths.

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  • Compare Dual 6.6 Goliath VS Quad 6.6 Goliaths.

    Compare Dual 6.6 Goliath VS Quad 6.6 Goliaths.
    The Goliath Quad 6.6 vacuum includes a high-volume discharge pump system up to 30 gpm and is dual discharge ported, 30 gpm out a 1.5" cam lock or discharges at 15 gpm through a garden hose fitting. This is a low psi pump.
    items: 20170915 and SBM-GO-A-6
    The 30 gpm is used for standard unrestricted discharge for water extraction work, swimming pool drainage, pipe breakage cleanup, basement de-flooding, fire sprinkler head malfunction cleaning, hurricane and typhoon clean up, and general discharge back into the sewer clean out caps, ect...
    In other words, customers use the 1.5" discharge for the high volume discharge work. Customer that use auto dump from carpet and tile cleaning use the included garden hose discharge connection since these services use under 3 gallons per minute and is included on the Goliath Quad 6.6 systems. The smaller diameter garden hose discharge allows you to run the hose farther with more uphill conditions. The larger 1.5" discharge needs to be gravity discharged downhill.
    Quad 6.6 vacuum will run 350 ft of 2" ID vacuum hose with ease.
    The quad 6.6 vacuum works on 30" diameter vacuum recovery surface cleaners.
    Quad 6.6 need a 420cc generator or larger.

    The quad 6.6 vacuum unit with 30 gpm has lots of suction and filters the water on the suction side of the hose. The discharge is designed to be un-restricted
    The unit already includes a hose mount lint filter system. This is not the same as recycling systems that filter to 20 microns or even 5 microns post discharge.
    The lint filter we include removes rocks, leaves, sticks, carpet fiber, hair, grass. The 30 gpm pump can remove 1/2" diameter solids, like marble size.

    Can the 30 gpm low pressure pump be used for recycling?
    Yes, if you add an additional pump on the outbound side of the filters.
    This way the 30 gpm is pushing through the filters and the supplemental pump is sucking the water out of the filters.


    The Goliath Dual 6.6 vacuum includes a high 60 psi 6.6 gpm pump; item 20180102

    The 60 psi high pressure pump is designed for use with the optional filters for dirty water reclamation and recycling and discharges through a garden hose fitting.
    Dual 6.6 vacuum motors will operate 150 feet of 2" ID vacuum hose.
    The Goliath dual 6.6 works great on 21" surface cleaners,
    Dual 6.6 vacuum can operate on 389cc generator.
    The dual 6.6 uses high pressure pumps and require a much finer filter. The included Mytee F200 includes panty hose material that you place over the screen to catch even smaller items.
    The high pressure pumps do not like dirt so the hose mount vacuum filter has to be much finer filtering system.

    All three of these machine can be used for pressure washer vacuum recovery.

    If you are using a single cylinder generator will require ethanol free fuel, synthetic oil in the crankcase, and you will have to bond or ground the generator.
    A micron is 10,000 of an inch, so 5 micron is a very small dirt partial that a 5 micron filter would remove.

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