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Crushing manifold issue corrected on Goliath after Oct 2013

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  • Crushing manifold issue corrected on Goliath after Oct 2013

    Quad 2 stage version 1, Quad 2 stage version 2, or Quad 6.6
    The original Quad 2 stage Goliath used Mytee plastic vacuum motor manifolds under each vacuum motor, part P735
    The quad 2 stage 30 amp vacuum motor crushed these on some machines once the customer softened the plastic with steam from boiler and propane use as well as destroyed the waste tank lid gaskets. The Goliath Quad 2 stage unit was released on 18 February, 2009 and at that time this was the first machine to exceed 42,500 vacuum units, which lead to having to rethink high performance portable design. Both the lids and the manifolds were replaced with a new design which have never failed.
    Fiberglass manifolds were released on the market on 10-23-2013 and used in all Goliath builds since that date.
    The Goliath Quad 6.6 unit was first released on June 12, 2014 and has never had plastic manifolds installed under the hood.
    The problem with this forum is no customer ever explains what version of Goliath they are talking about or even if that design has been discontinued.
    The Goliath Quad 6.6 is the first electric machine to now exceed 73,100 vacuum unit which is more than the Sapphire 370ss Truckmount.
    The gaskets are glued to the manifold and glued to the bottom of the vacuum motor and never has a single fiberglass manifold ever failed.

    Goliath Quad 6.6 50 amp vacuum

    Goliath Quad 2 stage 30 amp vacuum

    There are other version of Goliaths non mentioned thus far including but no limited to:
    Goliath Quad 2 stage 500 psi auto fill and 30 gpm Dump
    Goliath Quad 2 stage 500psi Auto fill and 30 gpm dump + heat exchanger
    Goliath Complete Heat 500 psi with heat exchanger and electric heater 30 amp vacuum 30 gpm dump
    Goliath GO-1500 Psi Dual 3 stage Tile machine.