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Different types of auto dump for auto dump

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  • Different types of auto dump for auto dump

    Auto dump machines are great for:
    1. Large area cleaning - like ballroom, restaurant, commercial carpet cleaning
    2. Water Extractions, flood damage work
    3. Using power wands, like, Spinn Master, Drimaster, RotoVac, PowerMate 1800, RX20,... more. These use at least twice as much water as regular wands - so if you don't want to spend as much time filling and dumping this is required. Remember the number one concern a customer has is "how fast the carpet is going to dry," if the carpet is wet tomorrow, the customer is going to hate your guts regardless how good a difference you made on the cleaning. Power wands should only be used on machines that have at least 6 to 9 stages of vacuum. Power wands loose suction through their felt disk, so maximum cleaning distance is cut in half of what you can cleaning with a regular wand. To read more about maximum cleaning distances, visit

    Types of auto dump styles:
    1. Inside the waste tank - usually stronger, bigger, handle larger material, more gallons per minute, add more weight to the machine.
    2. Inside the motor box - usually smaller, lighter, less gpm (gallons per minute) flow. Do not hand water extractions very well because the gpm to too low.
    3. Auto stop and dump - have a built in sensor that tells the machine "I am full," turns the machine off, opens the dump tank into the toilet, closes the dump valve, turns the machine back on in all less than 15 seconds. sells all three types of auto dump machines as well as conversion kits and machines to convert you non-auto dump machine into an auto pump system.

    When using auto dump, this means your machine needs to be placed within 25 ft of a sink, floor drain, a perimeter door, toilet. This mean the machine is not going to be as mobile as it once was. Please consider machines with more vacuum power when using auto dump. I would not do you much good to use a high flow Rotovac 360 with a Rotovac CFX if the maximum cleaning distance is only 25 ft to 35 ft. I am hooked to the sink so every time I want to clean a different room or the second floor, you are going to have to un-hook all the equipment, relocated it, find all the electrical power requirements. What a waste of time! Do not under power your vacuum! You want to be able to hook your equipment in one place and clean the entire job.
    Remember, it is the order how to upgrade your extractor:
    Vacuum first, pressure second, heat third.
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