Question: I want to use this as an inline vacuum booster. I have a bane clene unit with a waste tank. Can the flood hog (7001dx) be used as a "through" booster? In other words not using the auto dump and just boosting the banes performance and sucking back to the waste tank? Or can you explain how it would work with the bane?

Answer: The in and out ports on the Mytee 7001DX vacuum booster are currently mounted on the topside of the walls. This means that the machine in its current configuration would not allow for water to travel to your machine outside. The fix is to install a barbed hose fitting off the back end of the dump valve. Normally dump valves have a "slip fitting" just past the gate in the valve. You can easily go to the hardware store and purchase a 1-1/2" male PVC pipe sip X 1-1/2" F pipe fitting and swrew in a connector like H229 and then leave the gave valve open during use.
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