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2 Machines VS One Machine that does both cleaning and floods

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  • 2 Machines VS One Machine that does both cleaning and floods

    Question: Should I purchase one machine to do both my flood sucking and another to do my cleaning or should I purchase one machine to do both?

    Answer: It cost quite a bit more to purchase a carpet cleaning machine and then a flood pumping machine (two) instead of one single machine to do both functions. Also you will find the features to be lacking too. For example: Compare the Goliath Carpet cleaning machine flood pumper with external 2000 watt heater currently sells for less than $3400. While a Mytee 7000DX currently sells for $1748 + add a carpet cleaning system Mytee 1003DX for $1739 = $3487 You would have to add hoses and wands to both systems, but here is what you loose in the dual machine set up. Only 6 stages of vacuum instead of 8. What is the #1 reason a customer will never use you again: "Carpet took too long to dry." The Goliath is 25% stronger vacuum and 25% faster dry times. Mytee offers less cleaning pressure since the Goliath is direct connect to the sink (65 psi more). With the trigger squeezed on the cleaning wand the Mytee 1003DX cleans at about 385 psi and the Goliath cleans at 450 psi. This means you can stroke the carpet 15% faster with the Goliath and achieve the same results. The loss of auto fill and auto dump when cleaning. This means every 15 to 20 min of a loss of 5 min to 10 min of your time filling an emptying during the cleaning process. The Goliath cleans at about 15 degrees hotter than the Mytee 1003DX because you do not have water sitting in the fresh water tank cooling off. The Goliath takes hot water right from the sink, right to the pump, then to the heater and down the hose to the wand to hit the carpet. No tank to cool off in.

    Now let us compare another package that might be close to the Goliath. Mytee M3 (currently $2193) + booster 7303 (Currently $887) = $3080 Again hoses and wands extra.
    What you would be loosing is less water pressure on the cleaning (same as Mytee 1003DX as mention above), Less heat thank the Goliath because the water has to drop into a tank before it is sucked up into the pump, and less GPM dirty water auto dump out put. The Mytee vacuum booster 7303 has a 3 gallon a min auto dump and so does the Mytee M-3. This would give you the ability to pump out up to 6 gallons a min in flood situations. The Goliath will do over 30 gallons a min. What is gained is 9 Stages of vacuum over the Goliath 8 stages of vacuum. This is about 12% more suction than the Goliath.
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