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Different types of flood pumpers

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  • Different types of flood pumpers

    I true flood pumper has a larger 20+ gpm rating. This type of pump is submerged inside of the wast tank. Examples are the Goliath, Mytee 7000DX, KleenRite Mega3, TMI Noah, Sandia Plastic, and MasterBlend TruckForce. Out of this group above the Goliath, TMI Noah, and Mytee 7000DX discharge through a 1-1/2" ID vacuum hose because it is hard to push more than 5 gpm through a 3/4" garden hose. Out of this group the Mytee 7000 series and TMI Noah (70+ gpm) have the largest pumps followed by the Goliath (30+ gpm) and then all the rest at 20 gpm.

    Many of the auto dump cleaning machines are rated at 3 to 5 gpm at sea level without the vacuum motors turned on. This type of pump out motor is located in the motor box( under the hood) or behind the motor box (on rear of machine). Against a vacuum motor, you would expect to only get about half of these results. This is fine for cleaning carpets and tile cleaning but to truly suck water, like in the sucken living room full of water, these machines would fill up and have to be manually dumped too.
    Examples of this are in the Mytee M3, M12, M5, and US Products King Cobra series.

    Some flood pumper use the sub mount or rear mount design but use 2 of these pumps so open flow pumpout if 10 gpm and under a vacuum is 5 gpm (still garden hose dumping) This would be like the Sandia Plastic Flood pumper, US Products (Drieaz) Flood King, and Powrflite Flood pumper.

    Some customer will convert their cleaning 3 to 5 gpm cleaning machines to a flood pumper by adding a vacuum booster that incorporates a second auto dump pump. This is like the Mytee Air Hog Booster 7303
    This way you can get about 2.5 gpm use dumping on the booster, and an other 2.5 use gpm from the machine. Between both running, you can suck water very well and avoid manual dumping for long periods.

    Some others will convert a flood pumping machine into a carpet cleaning machine with a High Flow Kit or a booster pump.
    The advantage to the pressure pump is the ability to clean tile floors too.

    Which flood pumper (20+ gpm) can have a water pump and heater installed:
    Goliath and Sandia Plastic. The Goliath heater does not use any electricity so it can be used all the time while the Sandia Plastic machine is requires the heaters to be turned off in order to use the auto dump pump out. I used the term 'heaters' because this machine has two 1000 watt heaters -one on each power cord.

    The other type of flood pumpers are gasoline powered:
    These are either used as stand alone systems or mated with pressure washers
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