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B&G Fogger VS CTI DryMax ULV Fogger

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  • B&G Fogger VS CTI DryMax ULV Fogger

    Hi, Could you give me a recommendation as to the better overall fogger between the B&G 2600 and the DryMax ULV. It looks like the DryMax has more adjustments than the B&G but concerned with the quality. I will be using it for disinfecting HVAC ductwork.

    Thanks Jesse

    Answer: In side by side testing, we found the B&G 2600 offers a much finer spray and more adjustments in spray over the DryMax and which allows the liquid particles to travel farther in the duct work.
    The B&G hose is longer spray hose over the DryMax.
    We also found the carbon brush life was longer with the B&G Fogger (750 hours of spray time)
    500 hours of spray time with the Dry Max.

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