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Kärcher HD 2.0/1000 Dual Mister Disinfecting Spraying Questions Answers 1.106-160.0 

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  • Kärcher HD 2.0/1000 Dual Mister Disinfecting Spraying Questions Answers 1.106-160.0 

    We are happy to share that Kärcher HD 2.0/1000 Dual Mister, 1.106-160.0 an all-in-one mister and pressure washer that can be used to combat viruses and bacteria by dispensing sanitizer or disinfectants, such as Vital Oxide.
    This electric-powered, cold water unit comes standard with a Misting Nozzle and an Easy!Valve that allows the operator to easily switch from misting mode to pressure washer mode.
    Below are some questions and answers to help you better understand this all-in-one mister and pressure washer:
    Q. Can this EASY! VALVE kit be sold to customers that already own the cold water pressure washer unit? Would it work on any other pressure washer?
    A. Yes. We will set it up eventually, but only after all our orders for Dual Misters are filled. This is a custom made part for us.
    Q. Will we be offering a 5 gallon pail of Vital Oxide?
    A. Yes, part number: 8.644-292.0
    Q. How long can you operate on a 5 gallon bucket?
    A. Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes
    Q. Is the Dual Mister’s hose non-marking?
    A.. If very aggressively rubbed it will leave a mark on a surface, but if used indoors as a mister, the hose will not leave a mark.
    Q. If ordered today, when will the Dual Mister ship?
    A. May 2020
    Q. Are the Dual Misters shipping from Monterrey or Fayetteville?
    A. They are shipping from Fayetteville AR.
    Q. Is a longer lance available?
    A. Yes, and the longer lance is featured on the product sheet. 8.710-620.0 Legacy Superlite stainless steel wand, 72”, 56.0 oz.
    Q. With the Mister so close to your hand and the blow back of the chemical, would you suggest a wand be used?
    A. Similar to the current PS 4/7 Mister, there is no concern if using the correct detergent like Vital Oxide.
    Q. Is the direct drive pump on the Dual Mister really going to be able to suck chemical out of a bucket? A. Our testing indicates that the Dual Mister’s direct drive pump can pull Vital Oxide from a 5 gallon bucket. We don’t recommend using a container larger than a 5 gallon bucket. We also recommend an inlet hose that is 10 feet or shorter.
    Q. How far away do you need to stand from the object(s) that you are disinfecting?
    A. It’s the same as the PS 4/7 Mister
    Q. Will the PS 4/7 Mister attachment work if you use a chemical injector instead of pulling it from a bucket?
    A. No, if you use a chemical injector, you will dilute the Vital Oxide.
    Q. Are the Dual Misters ready to order?
    A. Yes, please use part number: 1.106-160.0
    Q. What is the GPM and PSI?
    A. GPM: 2.0 High Pressure Mode / 0.023 – 0.06 Mister Mode PSI: 1000 High Pressure Mode / 107 – 480 Mister Mode Please see the product sheet for additional product information.
    Q. Is this unit ETL / CSA certified?
    A. Yes it is, under model HD 2.0/1000
    Q. Does the dual gun option apply at the same rate as the single gun?
    A. No, if you use two guns, it cuts the flow in half. You will need to adjust your EASY!VALVE.
    Q. What is the decibel level of the Dual Mister?
    A. 69 dbA.
    Q. Can a bracket be added to the Dual Mister to hold a 5 gallon bucket?
    A. Not at this time, but we can review for the future.
    Q. Any issues with corrosion through the pump or quick connects?
    A. We don’t see any issues with Vital Oxide. So, at this time we can recommend Vital Oxide for the Dual Mister, but anything else may void the warranty.
    Q. Are there any concerns with by-pass time and heat build-up?
    A. We were not able to do auto/start stop, so we recommend that when the user is not using the machine, that he or she turn if off immediately (30 seconds).
    Q. Should we recommend using a mask when misting?
    A. As an additional safety measure, we always recommend using a mask; however, we have not drafted a formal message regarding this.
    Q. Are there any other chemical recommendations on disinfectant besides Vital Oxide?
    A. No.
    Q. How much hose length could I put on this system?
    A. We believe it would work fine even at 300 feet. The water in your pressure washing hose would have to be primed for a minute to flush out the water and replace it with the Vital Oxide.
    Q. Is the pressure washer motor approved to use in the rain?
    A. No Please try to limit moisture getting sucked into the motor cooling fan.

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