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Pandemic Time Line / Are you ready for the next event?

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  • Pandemic Time Line / Are you ready for the next event?

    Pandemics time line are getting closer together.
    Many of the tools, chemicals, and equipment to deal with pandemics are getting harder to get ahold of and pushing the delivery time line beyond 30 days after they are paid for. Some customers, schools, and business have expressed that they are not willing to wait and want to have the products ship right now are not at all. This does not make any sense to me. Please realize that unlike past disasters that were localized to a few states (hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami,) the entire world just tired to order all these items on the same time. If you look at this condensed time line below, you will notice that the events between problems are getting closer together. Any place that allow or needs larger gatherings should have these products on hand in advance of the next pandemic or issue. If you place an order now and the products show up in the next four to six weeks and by then the COVID-19 issue has been resolve, you should still have these items to prevent the next virus or disease. We have to learn to make life long commitment to change in how we clean and disinfect our air, hard surfaces, and soft surfaces.

    430 B.C Athens / Peloponnesian War pandemic
    165 A.D Antonine Plague
    250 A.D Cyprian Plage
    541 A.D Justinian Plague
    11th Century: Leprosy
    1350: The Black Death
    1492: The Columbian Exchange
    1520: Smallpox
    1665: The Great Plague of London
    1817 First Cholera Pandemic
    1855: The Third Plague Pandemic bubonic Plague
    1875: Fiji Measles
    1889: Russian Flu
    1918: Spanish Flu
    1957: Asian Flu
    1981: VIV/AIDS
    2003: SARS
    2009: H1N1
    2014: Ebola and Enterovirus D68
    2019: Zika Virus
    2020: COVID-19
    2021 ?? are you prepared? Order now and be NEXT in line!
    Please note with each event is closer and closer to the last event above it!
    The COVID-19 has already mutated and evolved. Develop your plan of prevention NOW.

    COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention and treatment Procedures Cleaners and Supplies Step By Step 11136038
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