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    I am new to the business, only been cleaning carpets for 10 months. We clean mostly residential, rentals and a few commercial/professional offices. I usually pre-spray, scrub with a 20" floor machine and a carpet riser brush and extract with a 100 psi portable. I have tried several red out products and have no luck in getting them to come out. I have not tried the heat transfer method yet. Any help in getting the red cool-aid type stains/spots out would be appriciated.

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    Red Relief

    Thanx for the info. Is Red Relief a heat transfer method. If so how does one actually do the heat transfer method. Thanx again for your help.


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      I use this product and it is unbelievable. We have had this spotting kit for quite a while and never tried it untill recently because we didnt think it would work, but it does. It COMPLETELY removes any sign of the stain without hurting the carpet. I highly recommend it!!