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Using "stabilizing rinse"

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  • Using "stabilizing rinse"

    Do you have any other advice on equipment or chemicals?
    > The maze of chemicals is becoming clearer. I saw that Sears
    > carpet services claim they do a second "stabilizing rinse", and
    > other services do not. This I assume is doing the following:
    > a) pretreat traffic areas
    > b) extract using a detergent
    > c) extract using a rinse.
    > Is this correct and is this the "new" standard?
    > Thanks,
    > Ben B.

    First preinspection, invoice signing, and room and furniture preparation (place clear plastic furniture tabs under legs).
    The carpet is pretreated with a prespray using an injection sprayer hooked to your pressure line using an approved cleaner for the surface at hand.
    There would be only water during the prespray in the solution hose.
    Agitate with a carpet rake or Grandi groomer or rotary floor machine.
    Rinse with "the stabilizing rinse" is using Flush in the steam rinse water. This is accomplished by turning on the chemical flow control or adding the Flush to the fresh water tank.
    Stoke the carpet with the floor wand rinsing and dry vacuuming.
    Post apply Dry Cleaning fluid on any remaining spots and re-rinse.
    Post apply Dynamic Duo on any spots that do not respond to Dry Cleaning fluid.
    Dry vacuum/ crevice along the walls to remove even more dirt and hair balls.
    Customer inspection to see if they would like you to reclean any areas.
    Post apply fabric protection like EnGuard. Rake into carpet.
    Final sign off. Book your next time you should call on them and place your company refrigerator magnet on their refrigerator.