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  • Optical brighteners in cleaners

    If it is not to much trouble, I would appreciate you reiterating the explanation you gave me over the phone regarding the blue light and scratching that can take place on certain carpets and how the enhancer will help to neutralize the effects of that. An additional question along those lines would be whether it will work if the lighting is not natural as well. No hurry on the answer, but I really liked you explanation and would like to get some clarity on it. I usually get excellent results on virtually every carpet I clean, but I have had some that seem to only come so clean no matter what I do and I am curious if this hasn't been the case in some of those occasions.

    First of all think about your 7th grade science class experiment with prisms. White light is made up of all the colors in a rainbow. How you perceive color is how light reflects off the carpet. Black adsorbs all the colors from the rainbow and white reflects all the colors of the rainbow. The two major things in carpet that absorb light is dirt and how the dirt (because of its abrasive nature) scratches the sides of the filaments. When carpet is first made the sides of each filament are smooth and the carpet appears shiny. Think about how a window looks after it has been sandblasted even if the glass is clean. The glass will be dull in appearance. Optical brighteners are designed to help reflect the violet light back into the room. Studies show that this will give the optical illusion that carpet look cleaner. For many years in the late 70's and early 80's many products had optical brighteners in them until they where asked to be removed in fear of them contributing to carpet yellowing. Optical brighteners are not approved for stain resistant carpet newer than 5 years of age but are appropriate for a commercial environment when nothing else seems to be working.

    Nilodor C277-005 Color Brightener Enhancer 1 Gal, 01883521345, , by Nilodor, A water based, fluorescent optical brightener. Improves brightness of whites and pastel shades and masks potential yellowing. Use 2oz per gallon of prespray Can also be added ...

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