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Asphalt on commercial carpet?

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  • Asphalt on commercial carpet?

    Here in the last couple weeks I have run into some commercial accounts who havent had there carpets cleaned in a long time, well atleast a year. Anyway I cleaned them pretty good except for in front of the chairs in the waiting room. Its a dark track right in front of the chairs so i'm guessing its asphalt oil dragged in by peoples shoes? I made them look better but I don't think they are good enough. Any suggestions?

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    Cleaning Nasty Carpet

    Six options listed below:
    Make sure you understand the principles of the Cleaning Pie.

    1. Use Optical Brightner Additive. Make sure you read the article about optical brighteners.
    This product is called Color Brightener Enhancer (current price is 4 gallon case for $58 - factory has a two case min order)

    2. Make sure you are using an enzyme based prespray (Powerhouse)
    3. with a degreasing booster additive(Kryponite)

    4. Add Solvent Cleaners. In some case I have even taken Dry Cleaner and placed in a Injection sprayer and sprayed this chemical on top of my regular prespray on ultra nasty carpets (like ones that you cannot even see the color or pattern of the carpet)

    5. Add oxidizers to the carpet like Pounce to your prespray(one once per gallon of prespray)

    6. Mix two or more of the five above options to make your own super secret formula.

    Nilodor C277-005 Color Brightener Enhancer 1 Gal, 01883521345, , by Nilodor, A water based, fluorescent optical brightener. Improves brightness of whites and pastel shades and masks potential yellowing. Use 2oz per gallon of prespray Can also be added ...
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