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    I have a janitorial business and clean commercial carpet only.
    I have tried the burn test and others on fibers to determine what type of carpet I'll be working on ie. nylon,olefin,rayon. Could never get a absolute answer.
    Is this because maybe it's a combination of two or three different fibers?
    If so should I use a olefin prespray or combination? I am currently using matrix grand slam for a prespray and all fiber rinse in my portable.
    Also I am going to clean a commercial carpet that's 29 years old.Any problem with the backing. Could it be Jute?
    What chemicals do you recommend?
    Thanks for your help!
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    The No Smell fabric ID testing

    For me the burn test was a visually thing not a smell thing.
    If the ash cools off to a hard plastic bead it is synthetic, or if the ash is soft like burnt paper it is natural.
    I could tell if the fabric was synthetic or natural, but that about it.
    You need to perform a specific gravity test, a formic acid (or muriatic acid if you can't find formic) and a sodium hypocrite test.
    Simply put:
    Specific gravity test: if the fabric floats in water the material is polypropylene.
    Formic acid test: if the fabric dissolves it is nylon.
    Sodium Hypocrite test (house hold bleach): If the fabric dissolves it is wool or silk.
    For example: If the fabric sinks in water and is not dissolved in acid or bleach and burns to a hard plastic bead it is polyester.
    Testing should be done on each color of the carpet or fabric.
    When you read a label and it says 50% nylon and 50% polypropylene, the two plastic are not mixed together to make a new fiber. Rather the each fiber is represented in the carpet or fabric.


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      Cleaning in Reverse

      Some recommended chemicals are mentioned at

      There are many different way to clean carpets like polypropylene in a direct glue down environment.
      Try cleaning in reverse to prevent wicking or capillary action.
      You know how most people like to prespray, prescrub and then rinse?
      Rinse the carpet first with Crystal Rinse.
      Only areas that do not come clean are post applied with Shazaam Crystal Spin or CTI Brush and Bonnet cleaner, agitated with a Dirt Napper bonnet and a floor machine.
      Your Done!

      If some areas are still dirty, post ably Dry Cleaner and re-rinse with Crystal Rinse with your extractor.
      Blow dry with air movers.


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        Thanks for the info

        Thanks Donald for the info. I'll try the specific gravity test as you stated.
        Also I have never used a bonnet and never heard of cleaning in reverse.
        This is very interesting! I'll keep this in mind if I have any problems and I'll practice with a bonnet on my own carpet.It's time I start learning different methods of cleaning carpet anyway.
        Thanks again!!