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Odors in Autos

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  • Odors in Autos

    Q. We are looking for a machine that eliminates all odors possible for autos
    and recreational vehicles. Can you tell us the difference between filter
    and glass use in the machines? What would you recommend for us?
    Thank you,
    Tammy San Angelo, TX

    A. Ozone machines do not remove all odors real fast. The work fastest on carbon based odors (smoke). The will work on other types of odors but work much slower. Ozone machines are based on milligram output or gram output. There are 1000 milligrams in one gram. The stronger machines will produce more output. The stronger units will work faster in removing the odor. Different machines use different technology to product ozone. It really does not mater how it is produced, you just want a machine to produces a higher number and is long lasting with less maintenance. Some machines require that you take them apart and clean them to keep the output high. I like the TZ 2 ozone machine.
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