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Urea Stains and Odors on bed sheets

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  • Urea Stains and Odors on bed sheets

    A relative of mine cares for a person who from time to time has a catheter slip and all sheets, blankets, etc get urine all over them. I personally used a sample to get rid of urine 0dor that you sent me with a product I ordered to get rid of red koolaid stains - it worked miracles. I think the urine odor eliminator worked well. However, it was on a limited area (pet) and on carpet.
    From reading instructions for at least one of your products, you need to keep water temp at 110 degrees for to be most effective. I wonder if this is the only product that would work for sheets and covers etc, or do you have another suggestion. Also, I know that just using washing machine and detergent, I guess, this relative seems to have to wash everything twice for it to meet her standards, so obviously it is a long process. I'm not sure if this is all to get just the odor, or if it is to get the stains and odor.
    I hope you could help me choose the best product for this situation in terms of odor and also maybe the stains.

    Answer: The top products to be added to laundry for this situation

    Half load
    In the washing machine/ Hot water:
    4 oz Pounce

    4 oz
    Mix with Pounce above
    Knock Out

    On the stains direct:
    Clear UP
    Note with Clear Up you must start the wash process right away, do not let soak on cotton as it will soften the cotton. In other words, apply to stain, drop in washing machine. (you must wear gloves, and safety glasses - this will burn your skin)

    2 oz
    Dual Action
    Add to the softener or rinse aid cycle - do not mix with softener

    Do not add standard laundry products with these products above as they have not been tested against incapability with these products.

    These products have been used to restore the nastiest urine soaked carpet with pets that are on medicine. I think you will find these work quite well. Start with the dilution ratios above but do not add more than double this for extreme situations.
    I do not think you will have to perform this two times as once should be enough. Because you are using the hottest water possible, this will fade colors but I do not think this is a problem as the goal is not the fade rather remove urea stains and odors.

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    What about CTI USR(Urine Stain Remover) as a post clean spotter.
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      Urine stain removal on cotton

      Urine stain removal product is only approved for use on synthetic fabrics. I expect it would be ok to use on cotton as long as you threw in wash right away