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  • Organic

    Are there any organic cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning extractors? I live in a area that anything organic is in high demand.

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    Soap Free Cleaner

    We sell this product:

    SoapFree™ Miracle Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner has no sticky residue. Sticky, soapy cleaners are nearly impossible to rinse out completely. No extra rinsing required—fast drying. SoapFree is a powerful cleaner. Once you clean the carpet, it’s really clean and it stays clean longer! Your customers will be completely satisfied.

    It is the most powerful non-toxic carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaner available. SoapFree is safe and effective. It contains no harsh chemicals or solvents making this the best choice for residential and commercial applications.

    If you need a cleaner that really cleans, is safe, non-toxic and detergent free, you need SoapFree. If your customers want cleaner AND healthier carpets and upholstery, you need SoapFree! Satisfy your customers with the best and the safest cleaner available!

    SoapFree is economically packaged in 1-pound jars, 6-pound jars and 42-pound pails and goes a long way…priced right, too! Use SoapFree in truck-mounts and portables as well as with Mist ‘n’ Brush and bonnet cleaners. You can also use it as a spotter. Ready-to-use pH is 9.9.