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chemical usage in TMs

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  • chemical usage in TMs

    Why do truckmounts use more chemicals than portables? or maybe im reading the label wrong. like 4oz per 5 for potables and 2 -3 cups per gallon for truck mount.

    is a truckmount worth the extra usage in gas chemicals and maint.


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    Truckmounted cleaning chemical usage

    Most products state to use only one oz per gallon in a portable. Maybe you are using a watered down product. Or I am thinking that might be a misprint because the labels usually read that you would add 4 cups to 5 cups for 5 gallons of water for truck mount application. This in turn is drawn and mixed with the water that travels through the truck mount at a rate of 2 gallons per hour. Another words an hour of squeezing the trigger on the wand and never let up. This would use about 110 gallons of water or 2 cups of cleaner (16 oz). It is always possible to adjust any brand cleaner to work in any brand machine, what ever works best for you. Truck mounts typically use more cleaner because they process more water through the carpet.


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      i must of misread something thanks for clearing that up