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Prespray chemical separates after a while

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  • Prespray chemical separates after a while

    Question: Thanks Don....
    Quick question: I am mixing the Citra Zov along with the Kyryptonium
    In my Hyroforce sprayer. The combination works great, but after a few minutes the Kyryptonium floats to the top. If we shake it up it goes away for a few more minutes, but it always comes back. Am I doing something wrong? Or is that just the way it is.
    I'm putting in 24 Citra Zov and 24 oz kryptonium in the sprayer.
    Your advise would greatly appreciated.

    Answer: That is the way it is. You will have to shake regularly and use hot water to mix with the cleaners. I am surprised that you are using so much product. If the injection sprayer is set to 1 to 8 the most product you would need is 16 oz of each product. They is a point in which more is not better as it becomes a point to just wasting product.

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