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Why do some products suck in on the sides?

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  • Why do some products suck in on the sides?

    Products that contain the hydrocarbon molecule should be packaged in a 'fluorinated' bottle.
    The hydra-carbon atom in the chemical in so small it passes through the plastic wall. This is just like when you blow up a helium latex balloon. After a few hours you will notice the balloon is smaller. The gas molecule is so small it passes right through the latex. Once the molecules pass through the plastic jug on your chemical this causes the bottle to suck the sides in. This is called 'panelling'. The hydrocarbon atom also dries up the plastic an makes is less pliable and flexible. This in turn means that is is more likely to rupture and leak. Please note that these same products are chemicals that you need to not get on your skin. The chemical will pass through the skin and get into your bloodstream. The liver and kidney will have a really hard time removing this from your body.

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