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Changing dilution ratios on an injections sprayer

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  • Changing dilution ratios on an injections sprayer

    Question: We received the extractor last week. Everything looks great! Couple of questions, Do you have to prime the machine each time it is used?
    For the pre-sprayer that gets attached to the machine, do you have to mix your pre spray per the bottle instructions or does it mix with the water in the solution tank when spraying?

    Answer: Usually no, but sometimes you might have to prime it.
    You only have a prime a pump if you let the fresh water tank run dry and then suck air into the water pressure pump.
    Injections sprayers are preset to meter at a 1 - 8 dilution. In other words for every gallon of prespray in the jug it will add 8 more gallons of water to the mix as it leaves the sprayer.
    You can remove the clear pick up tube on the belly of the injection sprayer pick up device and unscrew the yellow tip and re-install the pick up tube to change the dilution to 1 to 4.
    The 1 to 4 dilution is required when you are spraying with pumps under 200 psi.

    Mixing with an injection sprayer is super easy to do. Lets say I am using something that says use 4 oz per gallon. I just multiply by the dilution rate. 4 oz X 8 (for 8 to 1)= 32 oz + top with water. OR 4 oz X 4 (for 4 to 1) = 16 oz and then top the tank with water. One to 4 products can be added without dilution when using the 1 to 4 setting.

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