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All the disinfectants are sold out, Now what, Can I make my own safe to apply and use

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  • All the disinfectants are sold out, Now what, Can I make my own safe to apply and use

    Q. All the disinfectants are sold out. Now what? Can I make my own safe to apply and use?

    A. Yes, you can. Please note that not all disinfectants can be used on all surface types. Example Clorox Bleach is 5% sodium hypochlorite and is horrible on the lungs, ruins most fabrics, rust metals. I personally cannot stand or even be around it. Please do not use this unless you're sure you can use it safely. About 10 years ago my of the disinfectant products tried to become more user and environment friendly. Thymal plant based disinfectant like Botaniclean was released. Phenol products like Sporicidin was starting to become more popular. Citric acid also has been on the market for a short while. The staple for most surfaces was Quat, or Octy decy dimethy ammonium cloride, diocty dimethal ammonium cloride, didecyl dimethyl ammonium cloride, Alkl dimethyl benzyl ammonium cloride. This is the same active ingredients that are found in most sanitizing wipes. Example Lysol and Clorox Wipes. Clorox does NOT have sodium hypochlorite in them. This is why they are safe to use. The EPA registered claims on this family is for hard surface types. The surfactant used is cationic, or carries a positive electrical charge. This means if you have a new carpet under 5 years of age that has an acid die resistor like DuPont Teflon or 3M Scotchgard. This will strip off with the use of Quat products and void your warranty. For 20 years, I professionally cleaned over 20 million square feet of property and needed help with another 100 million so I needed to hire more carpet cleaners. During my interview with them, and again these are cleaners that have already been cleaning for 5+ years, I would ask, give me an example of some of the products on your service truck that will void a new carpet warranty. Less than one in thousand new the answer. This means that if your professional carpet cleaner is offering to apply a sanitizer to your warranteed carpet, their is over a 99.99% chance he will use the wrong procedure or chemicals.
    Some advantages to some of these products:
    Botaniclean - Thymol: requires no PPE, person protection equipment and even works on airborne problems like TB. Very safe to use
    Sporicidin - Pheno: has a 6 month residual claim. Used is Chloraseptic sore throat spray. Used 100 years ago as one of the first types of sanitizers to rub on the skin just before the surgeon would cut open his patient. Very safe
    MediClean - Quat: Super cheap. A gallon makes between 32 to 56 gallons of disinfectant. Does not seem any adverse reaction when mixed with fragrances, and other soaps and cleaners, and surfactants. Safe for just about all surface types except for new carpet under warranty. The most common product to use for blood clean up.
    Citric Acid These products are used because most bacteria, viruses, pathogens cannot live in a acid based environment. Citric acid and is food grade. This is the product they roll gummies in to make a sweet / sour candy. This is the powder on the outside that taste sour. Dissolves minerals so destroys enamel on your teeth! Citric acid is also very cheap. One pound of powder in a gallon of water is more than strong enough to make a disinfectant. So the answer is if I had to make my own, and none of the EPA approved products are nowhere to be found. Purchase some Citric acid mix with water and apply. Safe for all fabrics but ruins stainless steel and organic stone. Super sticky. Should be rinsed off is you can. Citric acid is found in many fabric rinse aids and carpet cleaning descalers. Do not get in your eyes.
    PS today, we have 17 cases of Thymol so check our website, because we might not be sold out...

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