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  • Protectors

    I am about to start adding carpet protector for more profit. What is a reasonable rate to charge on average (i.e. per sq. ft. or per room) ?



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    carpet protetion charges.

    Standard protectors about 1/2 the cost of the cleaning charge and for protectors that come with a warranty like Stain Guarding Ultra or Teflon Advance, match the cost of the cleaning.
    Please make sure that you apply correctly. I would say less than 1% of all carpet cleaners do.


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      carpet protectors

      how do the majority of carpet cleaners improperly apply protectors?


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        Fabric protection application.

        Most fabric protectors are supposed to be applied at at rate of 1 to 4. Every ready to use diluted gallon is to be applied on every 200 square feet of carpet. The injection sprayer is perfect for this (with the yellow metering tip removed). Examples of injections sprayers are the Selector Injector, INJ2000, Revolution Sprayer,... Many apply with a pump up sprayer and it is hard to apply with enough penetration. If you are going to use a pump up sprayer, you should use a calculate the square footage of your project, divide by 200 and keep applying this number of gallons until all the liquid is sprayed out. That is a lot of pumping and spraying! For example a 1500 sq ft home will have 1050 sq ft of carpet installed in it. With a pump up sprayer you might have to spray the home 3 or 4 time, maybe even more than this! If it was vacant you would have to apply 5.25 gallons of diluted protection. I do not know of hardly any professionals that do this. They might fill up the pump up sprayer one time and only apply 2 gallons of even less on the carpet. The carpet is supposed to be raked in all 4 directions. I do not know of any professionals that do this either. If I am applying with my injecting sprayer set 1 to 4 (recommend), I would spray my entire gallon of concentrate on the home. I might have to spray all the carpet two or times and then rake in. This is add 6 hours to your dry time with the weather is hot or cold outside. Even longer when the weather is nice outside. (50 to 75 F) Most customers state "I purchased protection once and it did not work." I did not work because it was applied on top of a soap residue, not applied with enough force, not mixed correctly, not enough applied, and not raked in. When applying, use a dedicated sprayer or injection sprayer jug. Don't think that you can ever get all the soap out of your traffic lane sprayer or jug. Plus the customers are usually not trained in what they are designed to do or how they work. I am going to stand by my statement that less than all professional cleaners apply protection correctly. Fabric protection products do work and are good for the carpet.
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