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Ketchup Help! (Or, please don't pass the ketchup)

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  • Ketchup Help! (Or, please don't pass the ketchup)

    Remember I'm new to this industry. I just looked at a place today and set up an appointment for Friday AM. Simple enough stuff: Lots of soiling, minor kid spills, a lot of puppy pee spots but none in the same place twice (I lucked out on that one), just a trashed out 3 year old nylon carpet. Begs for the Rotovac 360, and I'm able and willing to oblige .

    However, there is one spot that has me a little nervous. They had spilled ketchup at one time. It sat.....Then sat..... Then was SCRUBBED with much vigor and enthusiasm. The result is a very light, faded Orange/pink spot about 10 inches in diameter. In fact, It looks just like a set vomit stain.

    It's obvious the dye blocker form this relatively new carpet is gone in that area. Is this something I can even try to do something with? Red Relief? Stain magic? Peroxide? Oh, at one time they used an oxygenating powder on it. I suspect that was the time of scrubbing with much vigor, and ....blah, blah. I primarily have CTI products, so any ideas? or should I just stay in bed Friday?

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    There is pink in your eye

    Try the Stain Magic (as long as it is a synthetic face fiber). Apply for 20 min and rinse out. If still there, post apply and cover the stain with plastic for one day and then have the customer call you after they removed the plastic. The other option is to not to cover the stain and place the CTI DCI UV light on top of the stain magic treated spot. On time, during a training class, we took mustard and smeared it on a carpet, applied the stain magic, covered the stain with the DCI light and by lunch the stain was gone! We never even extracted the spot to remove the contamination.


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      Thanks Donald. My mind kept wandering and would end up at the Stain Magic too. I don't have the light so will probably cover it. What do you think about hitting it with the Stain MAgic and iron first? Worth a shot?

      Thanks again.


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        iron stain magic

        only iron in small short time frames. No more than 10 seconds. It will pull color so make sure the customer is not going to hold you responsible.