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  • Oxygen Additives

    I hear a lot about oxygen additives to help punch colors back up and help control wicking in berbers. Is this something we add to the prespray, or rinsing chemistry? I also remember peroxide is good for adding oxygen, but doesn't that punch the PH level back up again if used with the rinse?

    Looking for a rule of thumb for adding these things. How much? What to expect with my PH?


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    adding oxidizers to your cleaning

    Adding oxidizers to your cleaning process does help kill bacteria and brighten textiles. Oxidizers also are great to use on jobs where there is presents of pet urine. Many times this will remove the odors and yellow discolorations. If you had hydrogen peroxide you will not change the pH of your formulas. If you add O2+, Energizer, Pounce, or any of the other powdered oxidizers, you to move the pH closer to 10 because that is the pH of these products. Over using powdered oxidizers can leave a powdered residue if over used, so use very little. Please read the directions on the label. These can be added to a prespray or a alkaline or neutral rinse. Do not add to acid side rinses.


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      What is the half life of either? I assume the 'sauce' will not be very effective for very long.

      Is adding hydrogen longer than the powdered booster?


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        adding oxidizers

        You only want to add oxidizers when you are going to use them. The longer they are mixed the weaker they get. Mix-um, use-um. The liquid one, need to be stored in your van in dark or non-see through bottles with vented caps. No exposure to sunlight.