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Where do carpet cleaners get their supplies?

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  • Where do carpet cleaners get their supplies?

    I have been searching up and down for my area..everytime I search for something like "buy carpet cleaning supplies" all i get it seems is ads...where to cleaners go to get their supplies?

    I would think it would be a fortune to order from sites with shipping the way it is..some of the shipping on this site costs almost as much as the product that really worth sure every cleaner does not order stuff online, paying just as much in shipping then the product itself just does not sound reasonable...

    I just can not seem to find any local carpet supply outlets, and I live in a pretty big area, any ideas?


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    Shipping vs savings

    Some of our customers purchase their expensive equipment from us and chemicals if they are in a large city locally because we save them so much money on the equipment. We do offer free shipping on Shazzam chemicals that are ordered by the case (4 gallons). Other customer are forced to have everything shipped when they do not have a large distributor in their city.