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How are most carpets Presprayed?

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  • How are most carpets Presprayed?

    About 95% of most perfessionals use and injection sprayer.
    These are very similar systems. They both use the hot water from your machine and you place your simi-concetrate cleaner in the bottle and it mixes the product and sprays on the floor. An injection sprayer sprays 10 times faster than a pump up sprayer. A pump up sprayer sprays between 20 to 40 psi, while an injection sprayer sprays at the presssure of your cleaning machine.
    There are 4 different types:
    Dripless tip, veeJet tip, multiple jug, and adjustible.

    for some examples
    1. Drip less tip style has a check valve behind a teeJet 6506 tip that shuts to liquid off at the tip of the spray lance (preferred)
    2. VeeJet tip is just a spray tip on the end of the lance. The liquid is shut off at the spray gun and the liquid between the tube and the tip and dribble on to the floor.
    3. Multiple jug style: Some products can be mixed and some cannot be mix together. For example Knock Out Urine Pre-treatment cleaners cannot be mixed with your traffic lane cleaner. You would have to spray all the urine spots first, then change the injection bottle to traffic lane cleaner and spray around the Knock Out (not on top of) You need a dedicated jug for each chemical. If you question what can and cannot be mixed together, consult the labels of the containers or our forums section.
    3. Adjustable type: Most commonly used for dying carpets and changing carpet color.
    You can change the dilution of the injection by a turn of a knob.
    You can any of the different styles made into a dual selector injector style, you just pay for the parts and will will build it for you for free in exchange for letting us keep the duplicate parts.
    For what ever system you choose, you want to purchase extra jugs for each different chemical on the truck. Do not think you will triple rinse each container between uses. No one waste that much time.
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